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RusEnergy agency consults petroleum and energy companies, manufacturers of oil and gas equipment, financial entities, and government bodies on implementation of major upstream, midstream, and downstream projects, energy production, and relevant issues.

The scope of research embraces Russia and its neighbors. The company aims to assist its clients that invest, or plan to invest, in the economy of Russia and the former USSR, to minimize risks and maximize profit.


Case studies

RusEnergy’s experience in analyzing political factors that affect the energy industry:

Impact of sanctions on Russia’s oil and gas industry
Russian government reshuffle: its causes and effect on the energy industry
Scenarios of political developments in the U.S.A. and its impact on the Russian energy industry
Projects in Arctic: government policy, tax benefits

RusEnergy’s experience in analyzing the management system of the energy industry:

Organization of import substitution in offshore equipment manufacturing
Gazprom: governance system and management structure
Rosneft: governance system and management structure
Decision making in LNG projects of Novatek

RusEnergy’s experience in researching Russian upstream projects:

Prospects of the Vostok Oil project
Analysis of the resource base and feasibility of the Power of Siberia project
Development of the South Kirinskoye projec
Prospects of sour crude production and trasportation

RusEnergy’s experience in analysis of preparation and implementation of offshore projects

Sakhalin 3 challenges and perspective
Sakhalin 1 and Rosneft’s neighboring projects
Caspian offshore projects of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan
East Mediterranean offshore projects

RusEnergy’s experience in analysis of midstream projects

Challenges and prospects of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline
Can the U.S. sanctions on Nord Stream 2 be overcome?
The rationale of the Power of Siberia 2 gas pipeline project
The Power of Siberia 3 Far Eastern gas pipeline: terms of implementation

RusEnergy’s experience in analysis of preparation and implementation of LNG projects:

Prospects of Arctic LNG 2 and other projects of Novatek
Baltic LNG projects
Chances for LNG production at the Vostok Oil project
Long-term consulting of an LNG equipment manufacturer in Russia

RusEnergy’s experience in analysis of Arctic projects preparation and implementation

Research of oil and gas potential on the Taimyr Peninsula
Tax benefits for Arctic oil and gas projects
LNG production potential in Russia’s Arctic zone
Icebreakers and tankers building for the Northern Maritime Route

RusEnergy’s experience in analysis of relevant industries:

Russia’s program of petrochemical development
Icebreakers building for the Northern Maritime Route
Russian nuclear stations abroad
Russia’s lithium resources and marketing prospects


The Insider: Who benefits from talking about blocking Nord Stream 2?

27 ноября 2020 г.

Calls for suspension of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project between Russia and Germany—as well as demands to finish its construction in the Baltic Sea—are irrelevant, RusEnergy partner Mikhail Krutikhin insists. In an article published by The Insider he argues that the project was already killed by a set of sanctions levied by the United States in December 2019, and there are no companies in the world that would be prepared to assume the risk and send a pipe-laying vessel to finish the job.


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