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    RusEnergy ‘clones’

RusEnergy agency has been working on the market of oil and gas information since 2000. During this time, ‘clones’ have appeared occasionally, trying to capitalize on a well-known brand name to promote their own businesses. Here are just a few examples.

  • Since 2005, unknown persons have been publishing oil and gas stories from popular international editions under the mark of RusEnergy at the following website: We are unaware whether they obtain permission to use these materials. The site contains no indication of the owners’ identity.
  • In 2006, a company named ZAO RusEnergy holding and a number of other companies with similar-sounding names were registered in St. Petersburg by Sweden TATURA International. According to local media reports, in 2008 ZAO RusEnergy Holding aquired the Volkhov oil tank farm. As of October 6, 2008, the website of TATURA AB listed the following top-managers and major shareholders of this company: Peter Näslund, Stanislav Vasilchikov and Urban Trolle. For about a year, this company has made no signs of its existence. Its website is non-operational.
  • In October 2009 a subsidiary of Hong Kong-registered RusEnergy Investment Group acquired 51% of ZAO Suntarneftegaz in Yakutia. According to media reports, the Hong Kong company has Russian roots. Its Board Chairman is a layer from St. Petersburg, Viktor Khmarin.
  • Several clients of RusEnergy complained to our office in 2011 about activities of a namesake company, a certain Idea Rus Energy. This fake organization sends out false offers of selling Russian petroleum products. Both the offers snd the names of this organization's managers are absolutey fictitious. A sample of the false offer can be seen here.
  • A businessman from Yekaterinburg, Alexey Yeliseev, registered a company in April 2013 under the name of Ocean RusEnergy and launched trade operations in China. In June of the same year the company issued a press release ‘It’s very unpleasant to get robbed!!!’ complaining about the use of a similar brand name by a Chinese company. 
RusEnergy agency states that it has no relation whatsoever to the aforementioned ‘clones’. We believe that the attempts to exploit another company’s name may indicate somewhat shaky ethical business attitude of the organizers as well as a deficiency of imagination and creativity.

RusEnergy intends to monitor such cases of plagiarism and make them public knowledge.

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