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02.09.2014 Big country, cheap gas: these are two main conditions for a successful mini-LNG business

14.01.2014 In depth: FMC Technologies changes the way offshore reserves are developed (pdf)

27.11.2013 Valery Pak: Rosnedra chief speaks about new classification of reserves and licensing (pdf)

02.07.2013 Vsevolod Cherepanov: Gazprom keeps hoping for large discoveries (pdf)

06.11.2012 Gold Stream: Gazprom’s new pipeline deserves to be called by that name

30.10.2012 Liberalism on ice: Russia will keep offshore projects closed for non-state companies until oil prices fall

25.07.2012 Tapping tight oil: field service providers master technologies of dealing with low-permeability plays

18.07.2012 Sea warriors: a disputed offshore field may leave Europe without Turkmen gas

17.07.2012 Enforced recovery: oil operators look for new methods of producing tight oil

19.04.2012 Three’s Company: Gazprom Neft Invites Partners to Eastern Siberia

18.04.2012 Latin Lessons: Russian Companies Expand in Venezuela and Nicaragua

10.04.2012 Hapless Hustle: Gazprom Seeks Consumers for Kirinskoye Gas

23.02.2012 Saving at Samotlor: the Unique Field Keeps Fighting for Survival

16.02.2012 An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse: Rosneft CEO Agrees to Buy a Stake in Taas-Yuryakh

14.02.2012 A New Levy: upstream Developers Will Pay for Gas Supply Expansion in Kazakhstan

02.02.2012 In the Upper Room with Miller: why Has Ananenkov Been Sacked?

31.01.2012 Sanctions? What Sanctions? Iran Remains a Desirable Partner for Caspian Upstream Operators

19.01.2012 Chayanda or Kovykta: Gazprom Selects Upstream Priorities in the East

06.12.2011 Shale Diplomacy: Americans Court Ukraine Fearing Its Alliance with Gazprom

30.11.2011 Riches in Sand: Market Benefits Development of Oil Sands

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Vsevolod Cherepanov:
 Gazprom keeps hoping for large discoverie

Valery Pak: Rosnedra chief speaks about new classification of reserves and licensing