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Oil Lobby of Kazakhstan: structure and personalities

The new analytical report of RusEnergy discloses the system of forming governmental and lobbyist influence on the oil and gas business in Kazakhstan. An emphasis has been made on personal connections in the management of the industry, distribution of authority and relations between the key regulators, as well as the status and role of senior officials and business players.

The report is of interest for oil and gas corporate managers with an ongoing or planned business in Kazakhstan. It deals in detail with the following issues:

• Modern trends in Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry and opportunities for international and private companies;
• The New Kazakh Course in the oil and gas industry and investment policy;
• Main clans of influence in the oil and gas industry;
• Methods of lobbying by international and private companies;
• Case studies: promotion of corporate interests.

The report of nearly 90 pages contains information on groups of influence, and on more than 100 individuals in the government and industry management including their personal and business connections, degree of influence and attitude to matters of their competence.

Charts demonstrate the system of decisionmaking in the oil and gas industry, inter-clan relations, and lobbying methods of international companies.

Delivery time is up to five days (up to two days within Moscow).
The reports are offered as a brochure and a copy-protected CD

The report was issued in December 2008 and last updated in April 2012.    

A detailed table of content is available on request. Please fill in the form below and email to RusEnergy sales department:

Dmitry Mikhailov, E-mail: Tel. +7 (926) 7590479

The price of the report is 935$ plus courier delivery cost.

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Price:  $935 plus courier delivery cost.

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