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Geological & Geophysical Data in Russia: Acquisition and Export

This new analytical report of RusEnergy deals with the specifics of handling G&G information in Russia. The issue is especially sensitive in view of several incidents in the second half of 2007, when Russian authorities accused a number of foreign upstream operators of illegal exports of G&G data.

This study presents an outline of Russia's multiple legislative and normative documents that regulate G&G data handling. It contains a series of practical recommendations on avoiding conflicts with Russian governmental agencies in charge of these issues.

The study targets those managers of oil and gas companies, as well as investment and consulting firms, who are engaged in decision-making on G&G data handling. It answers such questions as:

  • What are the classified status levels of G&G data under Russian laws and regulations?
  • How is such information to be handled to avoid conflicts with norms and regulations?
  • What is the legitimate procedure of G&G data export?
  • What mistakes do exporters of G&G data frequently make?
  • What are the rules of foreign managers' access to classified G&G data in Russia?
  • What punishment does violation of the rules entail?

The 48-page study includes the description of recent conflicts of G&G data exporters with Russian authorities and offers recommendation on avoiding such misunderstandings. It includes tables and charts that describe the procedures of circulating G&G data in Russia, obtaining permits for export, etc.

Attached charts demonstrate the process of industry governance, relations with oil and gas consortia, and foreign companies' lobbying schemes.

A detailed table of content is available on request. Please fill in the form below and email or fax it to RusEnergy sales department:

Dmitry Mikhailov, E-mail: Tel. +7 (926) 7590479

Delivery time is five days (two days within Moscow). 

The order includes a brochure and a copy-protected CD.

The price of the report is 1000$ plus courier delivery cost.

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Price:  $1000 plus courier delivery cost.

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