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Rosneft management: Structure and personalities

Rosneft is Russia's biggest oil company which has done quite a lot to become public and transparent. Back in June 2006, Rosneft carried out a 'popular IPO' whereby 115,000 citizens of Russia acquired its shares spending the total of RUB 20.3 billion ($0.65 bln).

Nevertheless, it cannot be said today that Rosneft's structure of management is fully transparent. The corporate Website is not sufficiently informative when it comes to top management personalia, structure, staff reshuffles and other issues that may be important for the company's partners, contractors or shareholders.

Besides, there is no full clarity about the connections between Rosneft's top managers and the country's top leadership as well as about the distribution of roles in crucial decision-making.

This report is an attempt to clarify matters pertaining to Rosneft's structure of management and provide more details about its top persons. It is based on both public information and opinions of our sources who are employed with Rosneft or closely involved with it.

The report is targeted at those who cooperate with Rosneft or consider such cooperation in the future. Among other matters, the report is designed to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is the officially declared and actual distribution of powers between the Rosneft's governing structures, including its Management Board and Board of Directors?
  • What are the main groups in the Rosneft's leadership and what are their relations with the country's major political forces and financial alliances?
  • How are the powers divided between the country's political leadership and the Rosneft's top management when it comes to making strategic decisions?
  • How is the system of decision-making organized in regard to certain lines of business, including exploration, production, processing, sales, offshore projects, international relations, etc.?

This report contains detailed information about Rosneft's top managers and includes tables and diagrams illustrating corporate decision-making, management structure and relations between different groups.

A detailed table of content is available on request. Please fill in the form below and email to RusEnergy sales department

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Delivery time is up to five days (up to two days within Moscow).

The reports are offered as a brochure and a copy-protected CD.

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