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Eastern Projects of Gazprom: Investment Plans, Management System

This report continues the series of analytical studies featuring Gazprom focusing on onshore projects in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Offshore projects performed within the framework of the Eastern Gas Program are addressed in the report called 'Gazprom's Offshore Projects: System of Management and Opportunities for Contractors.'

Recently Gazprom adopted a number of investment decision focused on such priority projects as the development of the Yakutian gas resources, construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline system and a gas processing combine in Belogorsk, LNG production in Vladivostok and its export. Sakhalin-3 project's offshore block, Kirinsky, has been earmarked to play an important role as a source of feedstock for the projected LNG plant in Vladivostok.

The colossal scope of work and the attention devoted by the country's political leadership to Gazprom's activities on the eastern direction opens certain opportunities before Gazprom's potential partners, including financial organizations, contractors and equipment vendors. It is they to whom this report, which continues the series of research into the activities of the Russia's largest company, is particularly addressed.

The report contains answers to the following questions (among others):

•    Who in the leadership of Gazprom is in charge of the eastern projects, including distribution of orders between contractors in this segment?

•    How the system of management of the eastern projects is structured, and which subdivisions and subsidiaries of Gazprom are playing key role in this process?

•    What is the status of the Gazprom's specific eastern projects and what are prospects for their implementation?

The report is 61 pages long and contains a large number of tables, diagrams and organization charts for illustration and better understanding.

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