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RusEnergy offers the following products.  

RusEnergy analytical reports

RusEnergy issues six analytical reports during the 2014 year on the most vibrant issues of oil and gas industry in Russia and other former Soviet Republics. The topics cover the management system of Russian energy sector; investment plans of Gazprom; technologies of recovering tight reserves, etc.

For subscribers to the whole package, the discount equals $1,500.

Prices of six-report packages in 2014 (a paper copy plus a copy-protected disk; delivered by courier service in Moscow or by registered mail beyond Moscow)

In Russian

In English

In Russia (no VAT)


In Russia (no VAT)


Whole package of six reports

148,800 rubles


168,000 rubles


Subscribers to the whole annual package are entitled to get two free oral consultations during the year on the topics of the reports by RusEnergy analysts.

Archived publications

RusEnergy offers the whole 2013 and 2014 sets of the Exploration and Production magazine in electronic form at $383 each.

The 2012 set of the magazine in electronic form can be obtained at $280.


RusEnergy will be grateful for comments addressed to We are also expecting your suggestions on topics of our stories and analytical reports. Topics of interest for a wide audience will be included in the editorial plan.

Please do not hesitate to request additional information from our marketing department:

Phone: +7 (495) 249-49-36


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